Building That Baby

Pilot use ‘Baby’ to describe their plane, “Let’s get this baby off the ground”. I use it for buildings. Earlier in the week I put up 36m of temporary fencing that A had bought on sale. A couple of German backpackers had been employed to help me move our stuff into storage and now the house stood empty awaiting the builder – For anonymities sake we’ll call him X. At the begining of October X went to work. I love demolition, love it deeply. It happens so quickly and the site opens up and the potential of what you are planning becomes so much clearer. On the first day the interior was stripped out; the joinery, the flesh tone bath all went out. We discovered a couple of sections of asbestos and so work stopped so that an asbestos contractor could come to the site. They removed a small section of wall sheeting, a fireplace surround and an old vent pipe. Then the demolition continued and walls, roofs and floors were removed. Later our palm tree was cut down, which we were sad about but it would have been impossible to keep and it was not a ‘significant tree’. An old and semi rotten plum tree was also removed. Finally a 4 ton excavator ripped out the brickwork paving, old concrete and massive concrete footings under the garden. All that was left was flat dirt at the back – I couldn’t be happier.