Neighbours are important for neighbourhoods so we were worried when council wrote to us, threatening further action, because there was a complaint about mechanical noise comming from our building. The noise in question came from our air conditioning condensers but because we don’t have air conditioning it must have been either the hydronic gas booster, the domestic hot water gas booster or the subfloor fan.

The Environment Protection Act explains that no mechanical noise is allowable to be heard from an open window or door of a neighbour after 10pm and before 7am. None. This is not widely known since some occassional noise is generally accepted and rarely does someone bring this up. But we do want to keep our neighbours happy so we have since set the subfloor vent to operate during the day for a few minutes every few hours – this is operated via a timer in the switchboard. The heating has also been set lower at night ,17deg , and hopefully this will prevent the booster going on. Lastly we need to remember not to turn on hot water between 10 and 7 during cold weather (when the solar doesn’t heat the water up enough).

Unfortunately the neighbour has a point, when the booster comes on it does have an audible vmmmm sound that I hadn’t noticed until this complaint. This means that my 9:45pm baths and 7:15am showers are riddled with guilt.

(We did also add foam to the base of the downpipes because of this neighbours previous complaint about drips being heard when it rained.)