Selling The House

So now we’d done it. We had asked for a longer settlement to allow us to sell our house and receive the money for it. The settlement was 90 days which gave us just under a month to sell the house leaving a 60 day settlement for whoever bought our place.

It’s hard to know whether it’s worth spending money on a house to make it look better or not. In the end we chose to make it look show-homey. This meant that we had to move out, repaint and refurnish in a week so that photos could be taken and published online giving a three week sales period. This was very hard work. We rented a storage space and spent days boxing up our belongings. One day we moved everything into storage and the next day painters spent all day painting the house, two days later the furniture people came in and set up fake flatscreens etc. We also added some of our stuff in and did our bedrooms so we could avoid an overtly manicured look. A day later the photographer came around and then our house was up on the web. It looked so smart after all this that my wife and I turned to each other and asked ourselves why we were leaving.

The next few weeks were filled with anxiety. If we didn’t sell our house we would be in deep trouble and the market was slipping. We were updated with who had visited our house, what level of interest there was but no-one was going to tell us it would sell well. In fact the talk from the real estate agent was all about ‘markets softening’. The day came and my wife and I were sent into the house where we could hear the bidding. Outside were many neighbours, our familly and some friends and for me this was a very exposed moment. My wife and I sat oppositte each other as the pre-amble to the sale started. Then a commotion occured, some backpacker from the pub amble down the street with “I’ll give you a fiver for it” etc… one then dropped his pants to moon the crowd. Thankfully this seemed to ease tension and the bidding got under way. We had set our sights fairly low and as the price climbed my wife became appoplectic. I had that stunned calm that I imagine extreme sportspeople get when they have to much adrenaline. We had sold our house and would have enough to do our rennovation.